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The Magic of Melody [a poem]

By Prabhu S. | Featured Contributor

A wave of music
Washes away all troubles,
Relaxes the soul.

Its soothing embrace
Frees heart of harrowing rue;
Such is its nature.

Its heartening voice
Purges the mind of all sorrow,
Restores happiness.

Music, a magic,
A nonpareil masterpiece
Of the great lords.


About the Poet - Prabhu S.
About the Poet – Prabhu S.

Hey all! I am Prabhu S, writing using the name “The Forgers of Fantasy.” I am a fifteen-year-old poet, aspiring instrumentalist, science freak, sports enthusiast, and blogger at The Forgers of Fantasy. So if you feel like it, do come by and pay a visit! Perhaps you may like some of my works. 🙂

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