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The One Who Taught Me Love [a poem]

By Joy C. Ezugwu | Featured Contributor

In my scared nest I lay
Like a bird, unsure of what to do
To give in or not
To give all or withhold.

In my dazed state I stared
Stroking my hair in search of solution
Licking my sores in solitude
Striving for that peace of mind I crave.

The harder I thought, the farther the ideas
Lost in my army I lay,
Hiding my grieve with ease.

The ups and downs of events unencouraging
I guarded my heart with caution
Refusing to caress my options.

With the winds blowing from every direction
I stood my ground
Holding on to my precious glory.

The echoes strode past in barges
but none succeeded in getting me on my knees

My trust yet loosened
My arm not opened to their warm embrace.

Then came you
In the unending feel of the cool breeze
The destroyer of every distrust
The stabilizer of the unstable states
Sweeping me off my lane
Lodging me in the land I most dreaded
Skuching my grips off my distrust
Filling my heart with floods of freshness
My heart engorged in abundance of love
The brightness radiating from all angles

Happiness encompassing the odds of the day.


Joy C. Ezugwu
Joy C. Ezugwu

A medical student, baker, and ardent lover of knowledge. Author of The Power of Love. Blogger at Dera’s Stories.

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