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The Small Things: A Reminder for Today

By Surakshya Kiju (Coco) | Featured Contributor

The small things in life aren’t really all that small.
They’re the things that make life real.
Takes your happiness to a whole new level.
Keeps you from feeling lost in an empty world.

We try so hard but we’re only human.
We can’t help it. We’re always on the run.
Always trying to meet expectations.
To label you as rose and not the thorn.

But when you find something that makes you forget it all;
A passion, a hobby or even alcohol
that pulls you through the tragedies that befall,
then how can you label that something as small?

Something that makes you live in the now.
Something you connect with without any vows.
Something that you think the world of.
Something that gives you meaning of love.

We only have one life. One chance to do it all. To do everything that we want, to enjoy living to the fullest. So why are we wasting it on the worries of tomorrow? Especially when we know that worrying isn’t gonna change anything at all. Most of the things we worry about end up not happening at all. All worrying about tomorrow does is steal away your present. So why don’t we live in the now instead and leave tomorrow’s worry for tomorrow?

Planning for your future is undeniably important. There’s no argument there. You can’t go into a battle unprepared. And everyday is a fight. But all you can do is prepare yourself. If you’ve done all you can, then why worry? Why waste the blessing of today for the fear of tomorrow? Living in this moment is just as important as preparing for tomorrow, because tomorrow is never guaranteed. It is unpredictable. Anything can happen.

Take COVID-19 for example. The world as we knew it completely changed in a matter of a few days. The world became chaos. Many of people lost their lives, family members, jobs, companies, lifetime savings. No one could have foreseen that. No one was prepared for it. This is a perfect example of how uncertain the future is. Nothing is guaranteed. For those of us preparing for our exams, colleges shut down. For those waiting for their long-awaited promotions, companies shut down. For corporations waiting for their new releases, everything was postponed. And the people who lost their lives and their families? Who would have thought that something like that would happen? Who could have been prepared for such a huge loss? How many petty arguments ended up being last conversations with loved ones? How many denied themselves the pleasure of having a good last meal?

Life & Its Expectations

We all know life is fragile. Who is to say that we even get a tomorrow? No one can give you that guarantee. We are all aware of this fact yet we still deny ourselves the small pleasures in life when those small things are what makes living worthwhile. School, degrees, family, society, job, money, children, houses….the list goes on and on and on. We are so focused in reaching the big things that we forget to enjoy the journey.

Society has given us this idea that we should all live our lives in a certain way. Go to school, then college, get a job, get married, have children, get settled, retire. Not only that, they have even set up the timeline for it. You’re supposed to graduate by your early 20’s (with good grades of course!). You’re supposed to have figured out a course for your life and be married by 30…sooner if you’re a girl.

This, in my opinion, is the major cause for so many people going into depression in this modern era. It’s your life. Why would you let them tell you what to do with it? Who cares what people think? Why are you living for people? Live for yourself. Do what you want, when you want to. Do not let anyone tell you how to live your life.

What Makes You Happy?

Nobody knows you like you know yourself. So, how can they tell you what you should do when only you know what can truly make you happy. Do what makes you happy. You don’t need much to be happy. Money, education, status in society—all of these are irrelevant to being happy. Happiness is but a feeling. Like how you forget all your worries and your heart just fills up with unconditional love while you play with your puppy—that’s happiness. How your heart melts with every spoonful of that chocolate chip ice cream melting in your mouth and you just can’t get enough of it—that’s happiness. How you can’t help but cheer and dance when your favorite soccer club wins the championship—that’s happiness.

Do not ignore the things that make you happy. Don’t focus on the problems in life. Take a break. Take a deep breath. Go out for a walk in the park. Feel the air. Enjoy the sun, the rain, the clouds, the moon, the stars, the sunsets and sunrises. The dead silence of midday, the busy afternoons. The strange calls of birds, the barks of dogs, chatters of children. Enjoy life. Enjoy living it.

The future is an illusion. The image in your head about your future keeps changing with every choice you make. What you do have is now. TODAY. So, look around. See the blessings you have today. Show love to the people close to you. Enjoy the weather. Get soaked in the rain. Laugh and play. Eat that ice cream. Go for one more slice of pizza. LIVE. Don’t deny yourself the small joys along the way.

Do not forget the small things.

*   *   *

Do not ignore the pleasures of today for the worries of tomorrow.

Live while you can.

Every moment. 

To the fullest. 

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