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The Tearing.


under the
silent shadows
of a thought unborn.
Ardent flames, its lingering kiss,
bittersweet sigh of a withering embrace.
A mind deceiving, its essence departing,
threadbare wishes abandoned within
the remains of a waning heart –
a heart entrusted to you
to love.


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  1. What a heart-wrenching poem but so well written.
    I have been revisiting some of the poetry I wrote in my 20s the last couple of days and I remember those feelings all too well. Things are quite different now in my mid 40s. Still have ups and downs and heartache but of a different sort. I have felt that heart-wrenching anguish though when I’ve been really sick and thinking about leaving my kids behind. Your poem sums up those intense emotions so well. Thank you!
    xx Rowena

  2. I like these images Pheobe. Wonderful melancholy piece.

    bittersweet sigh of a withering embrace.
    A mind deceiving, its essence departing,
    threadbare wishes abandoned within

  3. This is lovely, Phoebe. Love the “shape” — the shape is the subject and becomes it … A visual work of art as well.

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