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This Heart

By Cynthia Cady Stanton | Featured Contributor

This heart is a strong muscle.
It never disappoints.
When put to work,
there is always strength,
there is always strength.

This heart is a deep well.
When the bucket is lowered
and dips into its depths,
there is always refreshment,
there is always refreshment.

This heart is a vista.
When the journey tires,
I can sit and rest.
I see it all.
There is always a vision,
there is always a vision.

This heart is a blanket.
When the chill arrives,
I reach for warmth.
There is always an embrace,
there is always an embrace.

This heart is home.
When the moments
add up to years,
I can look back and within.
There is always love,
there is always love.

Author Bio

PhoebeMD Poetry Blog Cynthia

Cynthia Cady Stanton is a hospice chaplain, writer, and speaker. In addition to being a regular contributor to, her inspirational blog, Becoming and Beholding, can be described as “an exploration of a personal journey of awakening.” She is currently available to provide spiritual services and counseling to those in need.


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