Encouraging Words

To Be Human

“If you start living for the smallest reasons,
that’s when you know you’re really living.

The smell of rain after a thunderstorm,
the shades of pavements when it’s autumn,
the mediocre midnights and the color of the sunsets,
the warmth of oven when baking Christmas cookies,
the thickness of paper when flipping through magazine pages,
the smell of new books and new clothes and new things.

When you start looking at things,
really really looking,
you’ll start living.

Because then you’ll understand how it is to really be a human…
in this world full of people.”

May we recognize the treasure within the little things.
Wishing you a beautiful day.


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  1. Truly blissful! 💕
    There are people who look at the bigger picture but, isn’t it made up of those tiny reasons, those small things stuck together ?!🌺
    Thanks for this merry reminder 💟

    Stay safe and stay blessed☺

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