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To Not Lose Hope

We have highs and we have lows
The power is in our hands
We can dance or
We can cry
It’s up to us
To make the right decision.

Yes it’s hard
Like pushing a wall
That doesn’t seem to move
But once you look back
You’ll see you’ve come so far.

So don’t lose hope
When things are bad
Just hang in there
You are bound to reach
The top of the hill soon.

Victoria Abah

Thank you, Victoria, for these encouraging words.
Let us never lose hope.

Wishing you all a restful weekend.

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  1. I cannot thank you enough Phoebe for posting this. I have been beside myself with a breaking heart. There is a chance my Cody might have cancer………(I won’t know more til June 9th), he is having an abdominal ultrasound. I desperately needed this today and I thank you xoxo

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