Death & Loss

To Say Goodbye.

Moisture burning her vision.
In the dark, it hides her eyes.
Clinging onto her, one falls onto her lap
and stains her skirt.
She mourns.

Comfort her.
Tell her it will be okay.
That the shadow of a moment
may not stretch into tomorrow’s light.
That the ocean,
at its blackest
is still a reflection of the sky,
and she will not drown.

But the tide has come to take you home.
To her smile and her strength
she bids farewell.
Her heart, a piece borrowed and now returned,
departs with you.
She says goodbye.



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  1. My heart echos with your poem for I just lost my loving Daddy recently… the tears couldn’t stop while I was reading this heartfelt poem. But, my heart got comforted afterwards. Thank you so much for writing it. I truly believe that one day we will meet again with our loved ones. And all the tears will be wiped away from our eyes and our mouths will be filled with joyful laughter….. So, be strong at the meantime, OK? A Big hug!!!

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