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Cheer that blossomed within our hearts,
stirred by your presence at each day’s start,
yearns to wilt when you depart.
But our song will sing again, tomorrow.

The smiles that pierced through saddened guise,
the rays which conquered thundered skies,
they ache to dim neath heaven’s cries.
But the sun will rise again, tomorrow.

For many years our lives you blessed,
but the hour has come for you to rest,
to soar upon hills on golden crest.
So have no fear, tomorrow.

For on that day, I know we shall meet again.

Dedicated to Pam, in memory of Sammy ♥

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  1. Oh my this is EXQUISITE!! I am certain that Pam is going to adore this!!!!! It is beyond special, like you, like Pam and Sammy. We are devastated by all of these tragic losses (((hugs)))))

  2. I love your rhyme scheme and the way you have expressed your sentiments in this piece. I loved this line:

    “the rays which conquered thundered skies”

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