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What Is Enough? [a poem]

By Navnidhi Vyas | Featured Contributor

Do you want an eternal treasure?
Blessing is enough.

Do you want a key to open your heart?
Courage is enough.

Do you want to learn the summary of life?
A flower is enough.

Do you want to steal someone’s sorrow?
Hope is enough.

Do you want a Jin?
Your mind is more than enough.

Navnidhi Vyas
Navnidhi Vyas

Navnidhi Vyas is a clinical dietitian with a love for writing, photography, and poetry. Her blog, Create Health and Happiness, focuses on diet and wellness, along with a dose of inspiration that reflects her vision of a healthier and happier world.

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  1. Thought provoking. In the age of a consumer drive culture, most people think the world think more is better. When you realize you are more than your stuff, that’s when enough matters.

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