What’s Your Inspiration? 💚


What is it that gets you out of bed every morning?

What keeps you pressing on day after day, despite the hardships?

What inspires you…and why?

One of the great things about being a part of a blogging community is the ability to encourage and help one another from afar…despite geographical distance or personal differences. Many times, my heart is warmed just by reading what you share in the comments, and I believe others are too.

Your words matter. So share with us about what inspires you. You never know whose heart you will touch.


Phoebe 💙

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  1. Getting out of bed is another opportunity to serve, to be a inspiration for a heart in need; family, friends, a stranger. Every heart needs to know, everyday the love will be consistent. If the inner beauty shines, you just might help light someone else’s heart! A wonderful question, blessings!

  2. My inspiration is life itself and people I meet and see every day. The wonder of nature, the trees, the colours, ….. just being part of it I guess. How lucky I am 😎

  3. What gets me out of bed in the morning? My dog Lexi. She seems to sense the moment I open my eyes because in that instant she’s next to the bed, wagging her entire hind quarters in the it’s time to go out and go for a run dance – at 5 AM.
    What keeps me pressing on is my daughter who is living with us. She’s a single mom of two, she’s struggling with type 1 diabetes and the onset of retinopathy and trying to make ends meet in the high priced San Francisco Bay Area. So we do what we can to help; getting the kids to and from school, getting them started on homework, cooking dinner and allowing her to have the quality time with her kids when she gets home.
    Retired for one year, I’m looking for some new inspiration. Rotator cuff surgery is two weeks away and after recovery I’ll be looking for the inspiration in volunteer work. Where and for what is TBD.

  4. Those brief moments of silence where you are without any concerns, worries and burdens, and just witness a different kind of peace and satisfaction. Birds chirping in the morning, a dead silent night, eating dessert on a full stomach, binge watching a show with a close one with chips and soda on the couch in your comfy clothes and just talking to a loved one are some beautiful moments always memorable. Just thinking about all this seems inspirational to me.
    Love your posts btw💕💕

  5. Desire to finish this degree, despite being knocked down earlier this year and experiencing a major setback. It’s anxiety provoking for sure but I don’t have a plan B since this degree was my Plan B. I know my family would greatly benefit if we had two income streams. I want my daughter to have the same privileges my husband and I had growing up.

    And my toddler and cat are relying on me to feed them, which seems like the most common answer. My cat barks at me (it’s a snippy meow, he’s very vocal) when he wants food.

  6. Nice post btw. My boys are my daily dose of inspiration. They keep me pressing on each day. Waking up in the morning keeps me pressing on too. Every morning when I am blessed with another day I tell myself I’m here for a reason therefore I must push thru. Seeing my boys grow everyday coming home from school with new knowledge about this or that. Life is hard at times so having my boys is my ultimate blessing. I love being there mom and my greatest gift is being able to do life right alongside each of them.

  7. The need to pee, to feed the cat, to make a cup of tea. And after that to make sure that the sun’s still shining, garden growing. Knowing that the kids will soon pass by en route to school, check in the driveway mirror to be sure they’re looking cool. She will sit up in bed, I in the rocking chair, to talk about the days gone by, the day ahead.

  8. I once came very close to death due to some health issues. So I believe that as long as one is alive, do good. Help others. Do whatever it is possible in your capacity to bring about a positive change in someones life. Spread some love and cheer!! 💕💞
    Have faith in The One above.

  9. I live on my own in a pretty basement flat. I can’t see the sky out of any of my windows. So I always look forward to getting up and leaving the nest to see the sky and trees and flowers outside.

    I love my friends and family. I love work and I love play 🙂 I love Goldfinch. There is so much to love!

    But I also love coming back to the nest feeling tired and going back to bed.

  10. Glad to get back, Phoebe: Like the new look and format very much, though I do miss the imagery but still can whoof behind my eyes. What get’s me up and going is the guy I know who never hides from me in that mirror I so rarely visit but find comfort there is at – final count – only one person I never successfully have managed to con, lie or deflect (at least successfully for very long), and I carry that sometimes slothful, almost always arrogant and regularly overbearing and over-opinionated young man – boy, really – who keeps asking me: “why not?” Depression happens: physical, mental and moral. Movement cures. Oh, I groan. But that’s as much a function of finally flinging open the door of the seventh decade of this life and mostly liking what I find, even if it sometimes slips at a knee or ankle, or protests at an elbow, and my hands remember too many times in frustration I found an oak tree to pound (and all to often a head or shoulder to pound…though but rarely the latter in anything but play with one of two brothers and later rugby as both contact-sport joy (without coaches blowing frustration- and disappointment-whistles.
    Now that I’ve broached 70 it takes but two – beers, shots or four- or six-ounce pours of a nice wine to satisfy – three yields often enough for learning’s sake a headache later – and I’ve let my body adjust my percentages of meat proteins-to-fruits and veg ratios though I’ve always found the best salad standing outside in my garden with a cut lime and sometimes a small dish of freshly-ground black pepper-flavored olive oil, plucking collards, kale, cukes, ‘maters or all shapes, kinds and sizes.
    How would I feel if I did not levitate – okay, lug and lunge some days – off my recline and schlep to the front door (after of course adjusting my water content both ways and making sure the zipper or buttons are closed) to go greet the waiting birds who insist I freshen their drinking-bath and cuss the tree-rat squirrels who sass back…and then open the notebook for more observations, rants and screeds, haiku and tanka and grab down a few dozen pages in which of the three or four currently reading books before hauling water to waiting plants, plucking – and in the case of too-slow ‘hoppers – wrench heads from critters past sharing but now greedy-guts gobbling my kale…I had planned to wrap those leaves around a freshly caught fish later today and then wrap all that up in several avocado leaves to let lightly steam-roast above for a brief time but mostly off to the side of a nice wood offset-fire, with an onion and a head of garlic hiding in a foil packet with a bit of olive oil and butter in which to bathe before slathering on the remains of last night’s baguette.
    But, Phoebe, I get up mostly because I just can’t wait to see what my world has done to us all now…and I do love my time spent writing and directing some few of my dreams, though the best most often come unbidden.

  11. Hi Phoebe,
    It’s been such a long time since we’ve caught up. I haven’t been getting to my reader as much these days and so I was pleased to see you there.
    My inspiration is my kids and keeping up with them keeps me going. However, my health gets quite challenging. I have dermatomyositis and Institial Lung Disease and I wake up most mornings with this dreadful cough needing ventolin and it doesn’t entice me to get out of bed and to bed honest, I wish I could just pull the doona over my head, block out the world and stay there. It doesn’t help when it’s a cold Winter’s morning and my electric blanket is on. I’ve been getting out though which is good. Friends are important too.
    Best wishes,

  12. For a person that “died” over a hundred times and then was blessed with a heart transplant, I can emphatically says that life itself gets me out of bed each day. I must honor my donor and push on ….. and do so with a smile on my face. I am inspired every day by good people, people that care, that are kind, that touch us in a positive manner.

    I love life!

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