What’s Your Inspiration? πŸ’š


What is it that gets you out of bed every morning?

What keeps you pressing on day after day, despite the hardships?

What inspires you…and why?


One of the great things about being a part of a blogging community is the ability to encourage and help one another from afar…despite geographical distance or personal differences. Many times, my heart is warmed just by reading what you share in the comments, and I believe others are too.

Your words matter. So share with us about what inspires you. You never know whose heart you will touch.


Phoebe πŸ’™

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  1. I’m inspired by the little things that come true just at that moment when I think that everything is hopeless the universe suprises me with something I forgot I was even looking for. When my writing inspires someone and they send me a DM thanking me and telling me thrie story, when I see a teenager I took the time to have a conversation with take my words to heart and actually make positive changes in their lives. This is what gets me out of bed every day, amongst many other things.

  2. this is awsome, i am inspired by great writers, great women, and people who touch other peoples lives, not caring about their race, religion or who they are.

  3. Most mornings I get out of bed without any problems. What helps even more is to read your very nice blog and enjoy. It’s great to meet people with such positive energy.

    Have a great day and keep up the good work.

  4. What gets me out of bed in the morning is the thought that I am in control of my future. No matter how bad it may seem right now, as long as I keep moving forward and try my hardest, things will get better.

  5. Phoebe, MD : blogger. “What is it that gets you out of bed every morning?” What gets me out of bed are the comments people make on my posts. It doesn’t matter how many followers you have. It is the community – I read your posts , you read mine. If I get 100 views from bloggers and only one comment, it is the comment that I love. But the real thing is when that person actually goes and has a look at my blog. Two thousand followers are nothing. Ten commenters are the world.

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