What’s YOUR Message?


If you could send one message of encouragement to the world, what would yours be?

Everyone suffers. However, what I have learned as a caregiver is that humans have a remarkable ability to hide their personal sufferings. At any one time, I may be suffering—but you wouldn’t know. At any one time, the blogger leaving the comment before yours may be struggling—but how would you know? 

We live in a world where it’s become so easy to connect with one another. So if you could share a few positive words right now to someone you didn’t know who is currently undergoing hardships, what would you say?

Remember—the comments you leave are for each other as much as they are for me. So if something you read resonates with you, let that blogger know. Feel free to converse with each other and make new connections…even outside of the formal Meet & Greet.

Let’s aim to affect someone in a deeply positive way today. 


Phoebe 💙


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  1. dishwaterblog.wordpress is my address. I don’t do well with powdered sugar. It does not fry chicken as a coating and makes horrific frosting.
    See June 13, 2012 for my take on Illusions. Hi everyone!😎

  2. My message to the world? Every day is a gift. (I did not realize this in my younger years.) Everything changes when you look at the day you have been given as a gift. It encourages gratitude and the desire to give back to the world.

  3. Fantastic, uplifting comments!
    I would like to say that we need the dark times so we can enjoy and appreciate the good times all the more. There is not sunshine without shadows. But if we love, each other, and ourselves, we will get through the shadows and back into the sunshine.

  4. Meet with someone from the group you are most opposed to and sit and have coffee, and then a meal, and talk and talk and finally realise that we two are each the same.

  5. People quitting on you, should never be the death of you. Personal growth is sometimes painful. It’s a pruning process many of us go through. Self care and self reflection is key. Detoxing from poisonous people is a big step towards clarity and healing. Keep the faith and trust the process. As long as your breathing God is not done working in your life. Keep pushing, keep going. One foot in front of the other. You’ll eventually discover your purpose and start running.

  6. I have suicidal symptoms, back then and I am totally doing fine now. For those who were struggling in finding their own meaning and purpose in life, the world is so big. I’m sure, there would always be a spot for you! 😉 Nobody ever lives without a purpose. You just have to understand and know that it takes a lot of time and effort for things to make sense. ☝ And while you are searching for that, why not treat yourself right? In the way, while you are still in pain, you are also in the process of healing and who knows? Not only that it made you stronger, but in some ways, you inspire people to be stronger than yesterday. 💗

    PS: I am sending a lot of virtual hugs for those who needs it the most! 😊 Keep fighting ’cause you will always matter. 💛

  7. My grandmother used to say that the pains she felt reminded her she was alive. Also, think of the person, relative, close friend, partner, and that time you laughed so hard at something together so stupid and remember how magical that moment was.

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