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When the Heart Stops.

A cardiac arrest. A resuscitation made. A life recovered.
One patient tells me his experience.
This is his story.

Amid the chaos enclosing,
beseeched by an ambiance of ages to come,
I hear the seraph’s dulcet calls.
Immured by words 
divine and bittersweet,
they sculpt the frigid air,
and I am comforted.
As flesh is pierced, poisons forced,
I am held in tender embrace–
its whispers an oasis to the fears
that boil within my breast.

A skyward calling, its promised hope
glistens the starlight above me.
Memories, regret, longings and dreams–
a cycle ripened to revolve anew
cascades within my being.
I then behold a fleeting sight–
a son, wife, a father, my life–
their love commanding,
gazes imploring.

with a strength untold

I fight
until with the sun
I am ushered
out of the grasp
of the ebbing eve.

I open my eyes.


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◊ The Cardiac Arrest – A Physician’s Perspective ◊

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  1. Dear Phoebe, In October of 2008, I had the near death experience, with having had a heart attack. I saw the golden light, saw and felt the presence of Jesus. My dear, late father told me that I needed to go back into my body. It is not my purpose to put down specific religious doctrines or denominations. But it all boils down to this, in my consciousness: Heaven is a real place. Love unlocks the door to Heaven’s Gate. I truly believe it is that simple. I know people who cite me chapter and verse to tell me that it is not that simple. But, alas, I truly know, deep in my heart that it is that simple. When all the dust is settled, all that matters is that we love one another. Sincerely, Richard Mabey

    • Truly incredible that you went through that. Thank you for sharing. No doubt such an experience gives one a deeper perspective on life and makes one appreciate each day a little more. And I agree with you…love is all that matters.

      Wishing you all the best,

  2. This is a beautiful piece, very powerful too. I have had a close experience too and I think the cross over is not that bad. I am not scared of death anymore, I guess the only scary part for me is rush of thoughts of what could have been and loved one to leave behind.

  3. This is terrific, Phoebe, and I find it terrifically comforting to read. I’ve always been interested in near-death experiences and the story you tell here, in your excellent poetry, is so interesting and seems so to be consistent with other near-deaths I’ve read about. Wouldn’t that be something if someday our scientists or researchers could discover solidly what death actually is like as an experience, to know it beforehand, without having to go through it? I used to tell my students the greatest mystery, and therefore the one most written about, is death. No one knows it until it comes, and then you do it mostly alone. Thanks for writing this. And what great art!!!

    • Thank you, D.S. Yes, hearing about this person’s experience was also very comforting to me. And it would indeed be something amazing if we made advances in science to that point… 🙂

      Wishing you a blessed day, phoebe

      • Glad this person is still around to share his experience, Phoebe — it must have been “meant to be.” And yes, here’s hoping someday we figure out that great mystery. You, too, have a great day … And btw: thanks for being a great, caring doctor. 🙂

  4. That is very powerful and reflects what most of us have heard before about those last minutes or should I say “first minutes” on the trip to the other side.


  5. Wow! That is quite the writing. I am a little confused over whose words they are Phoebe. Did you write this from the patients account, or are those words from the patient?

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