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how to improve high blood pressure phoebemd

How to Improve High Blood Pressure Naturally

Have you ever been told that your blood pressure is high? Are you already on medications for your blood pressure? If so, you are not alone. Just in the U.S., it is estimated that half of all adults–over 100 million people–live with this condition. In this post, I will discuss the fundamentals of high blood pressure, how to properly monitor your own blood pressure, and how you can improve your blood pressure…naturally.

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how to exercise safely after a heart attack

How to Exercise Safely After a Heart Attack

Have you ever had a heart attack or have been told you have heart disease? Does your doctor still recommend getting regular physical activity, but you are worried about exercising with a heart condition? Getting enough physical activity is important for your overall health and is particularly important for heart health. However, many people who have had a heart attack or live with chronic pain are often hesitant or apprehensive when it comes to exercising. If this sounds like you, read on, as this article will give you essential tips on how to exercise safely after a heart attack or a diagnosis of heart disease.

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chair exercises for seniors

Chair Exercises for Seniors: A Step-by-Step Guide

Do you spend a lot of time sitting? Perhaps you are a senior with some mobility challenges, or perhaps you are a professional with a sedentary job. The truth is, no matter your age, when you sit for hours at a time, you not only feel stiff and uncomfortable, but your body starts to suffer from the lack of movement. As we age, it is particularly crucial to maintain a level of physical activity, as the risk for deconditioning becomes greater. While the recommended daily walk is a common go-to method of exercise, chair exercises also provide important benefits and are particularly accessible to seniors. The following  exercises are designed to be performed while seated, so that you can get your circulation going and strengthen your muscles…even while watching TV. 

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