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Frosted stars
proclaimed by breeze,
a dance of farewell
before their queen.
Revealed by moon’s
glow in misted eyes
a wish reflected.
A longing…seeking
to be found.

Thread of secrets,
thrum of time,
silvered braids upon
wounded soul.
A queen
before her horizon
heeds the echoed promise
of a rising sun.
She smiles.

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  1. I am moved by the lovely spirit in your words and the blending of the image! Thanks for the smile beloved sister! I pray your Christmas was abundantly blessed! Hugs and blessings always!

  2. Dear Dr. Phoebe,

    You are truly a most creative and incredibly talented individual. You are amazing. Having graduated from chiropractic school, I know first hand how the pressures of memorizing chemical formulas, studying the origins and insertions of the muscles of the body, and remembering all that microbiology can truly rob a person of their creative and artistic inner self. It really can.

    It is rare that a person is able to think scientifically, to think in line with the demands of a healing art; and yet still be as creative and artistic as you are.

    There are a lot of meanies out there in the healing arts. They love to scrunch up their eyebrows. Wrinkle up their foreheads. Talk with pretentious authority. Walk around with a frown on their face. Talk down to the people who work for them. We both have known these types of morons, who are so taken with their delusionary self importance.

    You are a person, for whom the good Lord has given a heart that is wider than the Atlantic Ocean. Your sensitivity, your caring, your artistic expression, your creative energy; all of these wonderful attributes of you are not weaknesses. They are your strengths. Please, please, please never let the meanies convince you that you need to be more clinical, that you need to be more scientific, that you need to be more professional. For the hard, cold truth of the matter is that the meanies need to be more caring, more sensitive, more compassionate.

    I have learned a lot from you and your blog. You are truly an amazing person.

    Most Sincerely,
    Your Friend,

    • Thank you, Richard, for your encouraging words. I always appreciate what you have to say. I promise I will try to never change from being the ‘Puppydoc’ that I am. 😉 Best wishes to you. 🙂

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